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Site Development Access


For any development to be approved by necessary planning and highway authorities the layout of access together with safe entrances, manoeuvring and parking must be carefully considered.


Beresford Associates work closely with the Highways Agency and relevant Authorities to ensure advice, designs and specifications meet the required standards, together with ensuring materials, layout and landscapes are in keeping with the local environment.


If you are considering a commercial, industrial or domestic site development or renovation, please speak to Beresford Associates first - 01933 682 222.

Building Design - Building Plans


Whilst we are not Architects, we work closely with that profession to ensure the buildings you want to erect will stand up for many, many years. Our role is to ensure the foundations and load-bearing structure will stand up against all aspects of the weather, ground conditions and weight:space ratios.


Whether it is an industrial warehouse facility, brand new house build or structural repair to grade listed buildings, our extensive experience will ensure you meet necessary regulations. In addition, we have worked on many projects using environmentally friendly and unusual materials.


For a free initial consultation to discuss your project please telephone 01933 682 222.

Dilapidation Reports / Schedule of Condition Reports


An independent dilapidation report is requisite prior to any works being undertaken on an adjoining property. This work can include building a new unit, alterations to a retaining wall, road works, underground tunnelling or demolition.


A Schedule of Condition Report details exactly the existing state or condition of a building prior to a purchase, renting by tenants or a change of ownership. It details the condition and any damage which has already occurred as well as areas likely to give problems in the future with photograph illustration recording.


At Beresford Associates, we are extremely experienced in undertaking these roles. We accurately and carefully document the condition of the building to ensure future claims and legal action can be either prevented or where damage has occurred then the claim can be justified.


All reports identify the type of construction and type of damage that is found on a property as well as the building. This includes roadways, driveways, deflection in walls and cracks in brickwork or concrete.


Please telephone Beresford Associates to ensure your next building project is covered - 01933 682 222.

Drainage Schemes Concept


Beresford Associates' expertise in drainage has saved much time and money for clients. From the inspection of the site through to detection of problems and possible causes as well as design of new drainage schemes or repairs to existing drainage, we pride ourselves in finding the right solutions.


Whether the requirement is an engineering solution, flood defence or diversion of watercourses, pollution control or just designing the drainage concept, Beresford Associates can help.


For a free initial consultation to discuss your project please telephone 01933 682 222.

Industrial Premises


Developed alongside the client, Beresford Associates are experts in the structural design of industrial buildings to gain maximum usage from the space available.


On a project by project basis, we can design from inception, project manage the build and ensure the finished premises meet the exact client and Authorities requirements.


In addition, Beresford Associates have worked with many clients to develop existing industrial buildings using mezzanine floors and building extensions to increase floor space.


For a free initial consultation to discuss your project please telephone 01933 682 222.

Insurance Investigations


Beresford Associates have been involved with investigations into damaged property for many years on behalf of many major insurance companies. We design and monitor necessary repairs, managing the project through to completion.


Some examples of our work include:


Hydraulic tests and camera surveys of drains


Excavation of trial holes and boreholes to investigate building foundations


Investigation into records to identify previous uses of the site and changes in environment


Collection of soil and samples to identify plasticity, sulphates and root identifications


Accurate monitoring of building movement and effects of any action to modify the environment around the property


Renovation of Grade listed properties damaged by any cause


Design of repair schemes to flood damaged buildings


Preparation of repair schedule for commercial premises damaged by fire or subsidence.

   Supervision and administration to completion


If you need an independent insurance assessment or help with resolving a claim, please telephone 01933 682 222.

Property Modifications and Alterations


Whether a domestic or commercial/industrial property, modifications or alterations require careful planning and preparation. Beresford Associates have extensive experience in this field, working on many different types of buildings - factories, warehouses, barns, shops, offices, garages, multi-storey premises, public buildings, Grade listed buildings and all sizes of domestic properties.


Whether you are considering a conversion, removing a wall or column, a change of use or an extension upwards or outwards to provide more space, it will pay dividends for you to speak to Beresford Associates first to survey the structure to ensure the building still stands.


For a free initial consultation to discuss your project please telephone 01933 682 222.

Party Wall Surveyor


The Party Wall, etc. Act 1996 makes provision in respect of party walls, foundations and excavations and construction in proximity to other buildings or structures. The Act provides that owners of such buildings have obligations to other owners and must therefore seek consent and plan the method and resolution if a dispute arises.


As an experienced Party Wall Surveyor, Beresford Associates undertake appointments both on behalf of the building owner. As a Party Wall Surveyor, Beresford Associate's responsibility is (but never for both parties under the stability and good repair of the building same project).


As the building owner, to fulfil your obligations, we serve appropriate notices and counter notices, issue appropriate consents in particular circumstances, appoint surveyors to determine disputes in accordance with the Act and lay out procedures and matters of compensation, etc.


As the adjoining owner, we advise on the receipt of notices, issue counter notices if necessary, agree matters and issue appropriate Party Wall Awards in accordance with the Act.


In both cases, we act considerately and inspire co-operation to a mutually satisfactory outcome.


If you need a Party Wall Surveyor, please telephone Beresford Associates on 01933 682 222.

Planning Applications


Whether you require permission for a domestic or commercial/industrial property, either to build from scratch or modify/extend the premises, Beresford Associates can help.


Initially you may be uncertain whether planning permission is required, our motto is ‘if in doubt, it will be required!”. From an early stage we can advise on whether we believe the project would be granted permission or perhaps modifications to the plan to ensure it meets with the Authorities requirements.


We are then able to submit the plans, monitor reaction and manage the process if necessary. Planning applications can be submitted as outline applications or as full applications to suit requirements.


Any structural alteration, new build or extension must also have Building Regulation Application consent as well as planning permission. This approval covers how the building stands up, energy conservation, pipe work, electrics and disabled access among many things.


We are then able to submit the plans, monitor reaction and manage the appeal process if necessary.


Alternatively, if you wish to appeal against a local planning application, we can guide you through the process and state your case in the most effective manner to ensure the best outcome possible.


Speak to Beresford Associates to discuss your planning issues – 01933 682 222.

Structural Design


A core part of Beresford Associate's work, the structural design of the building ensures it stands up.


The structural design is the skeleton of the building – the foundations, framework (steel, concrete or brick), floors, beams, columns, rafters, purlins, trusses and mezzanine floors as well as wind bracing. Beresford Associates work closely with Architects – BA ensure designs are functional and achievable, the Architects complete the fascia and finishes so it visually represents your dream.


Beresford Associates is extremely experienced in this role. Please telephone us to discuss your next project – 01933 682 222.

Residential Building and Modification


Giving us our most diverse range of projects, residential building and modification, extension and development of properties has become an important element to the backbone of our business.


We work with individual property owners as well as property developers, Housing Associations and sheltered accommodation providers / developers to design required premises and carry out structural surveys and remedial work.


We work closely with Architects and have a broad experience in a range of materials, from specialised stone through to environmentally friendly building materials. Our services include all stages from initial design and planning through to supervision of construction and final certification.


For a free initial consultation to discuss your project please telephone 01933 682 222.

Property Restoration


Whether conversion, repair, reconstruction or partial rebuild, Beresford Associates will be able to help.


Each area requires a high degree of knowledge of particular construction skills. With our broad experience base, we can advise on the actual work to be carried out and recommend contractors who we feel would satisfy the required outcome.


We are experienced in working with lime mortar, lath & plaster, oak timbers, wattle & daub, rubble infills and reed & mortar flooring.


If you have a restoration project, contact Beresford Associates for a fee initial consultation – 01933 682 222.

Structural Surveys


Beresford Associates undertake structural appraisals of properties for buyers or vendors. Structural Surveys Appraisals can either be undertaken for the whole property or an element of it, if there are evident signs of cracking or damage.


Working for both commercial/industrial and domestic clients, we undertake to provide the survey report within 3 working days after visiting the site where we typically spend 1 - 3 hours , depending on size, appraising the structural integrity of the property.


If you require a structural survey please telephone Beresford Associates on 01933 682 222.

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